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  1. Must be 18 years of age or older. Those under 18 must first receive permission from the Adult Education Coordinator prior to registering for any class. 
  2. Download the individual class registration form here
  3. Submit the completed registration form along with payment to the Adult Education office by any of these: USPS, email, in-person, or fax. Please note that class payments will not be processed until the week before the first night of class.


  1. Download the Program Enrollment Agreement form here
  2. Submit the completed Program Enrollment Agreement form with the required $25 program application fee to the Adult Education office by any of these: USPS, email, in-person, or fax. Please note that program registration fees are non-refundable unless the program is canceled by the Lenape Tech Adult Education office.  By submitting your program registration and fee, this will secure your seat in the program. Program registrations submitted without the $25 program registration fee will not be guaranteed a seat in the program.
  3. Program tuition is to be paid in full at least two (2) weeks prior to the first night of the program unless other arrangements have been made.
  4. The adult education office will process all program tuition payments the week before the first night of the program start.


Registering for the ServSafe® Manager training class requires participants to obtain a training book and test voucher from the Adult Education office prior to the date of the training. The book can be mailed for an additional fee of $7.00

  1. Download the class registration form here
  2. Return the class registration form along with payment to the adult education office at least 1 week before the class date. 
  3. If participants register for the class but then cancel their registration, the participant must return the training book and test voucher to the adult education office. If the book with test voucher is NOT returned, a fee of $79 will be imposed to cover the cost of the book and the online test voucher.


Registering for the PA State Inspection training class requires participants to complete the appropriate PennDOT forms and submit a copy of their current valid driver's license.

This course is a 4-day /4-hour class and you are required to attend EVERY class in order to receive certification. Students must have a valid driver’s license. People wanting a motorcycle inspection license MUST have a motorcycle driver’s license but those wishing to inspect CDL vehicles do not need a CDL license but will be limited to what they can inspect.

To register for any of the upcoming sessions, please print and complete (in ink) the following forms:

  1. MV-409
  2. Registration & Payment Form
  3. MV-409s  (Category 4 Enhanced or Certified Document Reviewer only)

Bring these forms and payment, along with a copy of your current valid driver's license to the Lenape Adult Ed office to register, or phone 724-763-5916 for more details. Upon registration, the student will receive the appropriate text for the class. The book can be mailed for an additional fee of $7.00

PLEASE NOTE: Those that hold an IID or Occupational Limited driver's license are ineligible for this class.


Classroom training, a CBT challenge, and a proctored exam are required for a student to certify as an emissions inspector. Before coming to class the student must create an account at if they do not have an existing one already.

Students must hold a valid driver’s license and must be at least 18 years old. Students must bring to class their driver’s license and proof of Penn Dot’s online registration, along with their password and ID that Penn Dot gives them via the portal.

After following the instructions above, submit a registration form and payment to register for the LENAPE classroom training and exam, and to have your name placed into a class roster - please print and complete (in ink) the registration form from here:

• 48 hours after being placed into the class roster, visit the training portal again and click on the "Sign-up" link to enroll and set up your account.

• Pennsylvania driver's license (DL) holders will enroll using their DL# if not currently possessing a valid PA State Inspection license.

• Purchase the required training package using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or a debit card ($39.99 - paid online directly to PennDOT)

• Review the training material online, using the most recent version of Google Chrome for best results. The manual is offered in .PDF format for printing. Students are encouraged to print out material and bring it with them to class. The training includes the CBT challenge and proctored exam. There are 50 questions per exam; the student will have 75 minutes to complete the exam. The student will be responsible for additional classroom training fees paid directly to the school. After review of the material, attend scheduled classroom training and take your proctored exam.

Course Tuition/Fees:
            Lenape Course Fee $150.00 (this is in addition to the PennDOT required fees) to be remitted with registration enrollment form.